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The Music of Pilates

Pilates Music

When it comes to music for Pilates, there are varied opinions about the type of music that should be used and even challenges to whether music should be utilized at all.  Let’s discuss what some of the views on this topic.

Many folks who exercise say that music is a form of motivation.  The tougher the workout or even more intense it is, and yes Pilates can be brutal and intense, the more upbeat the desired music typically is both in words and rhythm.

There is also the perception of the peace brought about in a Pilates class.  A calmer, mellow sound is typically desired during that type of practice.

There are also a select few, possibly more, who prefer the sounds of silence during the performance of their Pilates routine.  The quietness of their surroundings helps facilitate the meditative state they find themselves while exercising.  In this way, the silence is something of a form of music unto itself.

While for many the choice for music may be an option of either or, sometimes it is more the case of sometimes having music while you participate in the method and sometimes not having music depending on how you feel at that particular moment.  The truth of the matter when it comes to Pilates music is that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to playing tunes while practicing the work.  It’s more about what moves you, gets you into the right mindset, and helps facilitate the work in the way it is supposed to be performed.

If you are a fan of playing music during your Pilates workout, there several options that are available for that purpose.  You can check out Soundcloud – and their collection for a list of favorite Pilates sounds.  These music offerings cover classes such as high-intensity cardio sessions using the jump board as well as the more mellow classes such as the restorative courses.