The Art of Pilates

Pilates is Art

It is said that movement is art and if that is the case then if we were to connect the dots, Pilates is art.  To fill any gaps of understanding, let’s discuss further.  We’ll begin the discussion with a little history behind the Pilates Method.

Contrology, AKA Pilates, in its current form was developed by Joseph H. Pilates.  He was commonly thought of as a man ahead of his time and revered today by the disciples of his exercise method.

History reports he was sickly as a child, though evidence of such is limited.  As he grew older, he became heavily involved in exercise and especially boxing.  It is thought that even at that age he understood or least it was the beginning of his understanding of how movement can help a body to gain health and remain healthy.

While interned in a German internment camp, Joseph developed his exercise method and encouraged fellow inmates at the camp to participate in the movements.  Joseph credits his system with saving lives because, during the outbreak of Polio at that time, none of the men who performed his exercise regimen died of the disease.

After being released from the camp, Joseph, affectionately referred to as Joe, came to New York and opened his Pilates studio.  While historically, the method was developed for men, ballet dancers and choreographers made the discovery of his routine as a way to rehabilitate from injury.  Joe worked with many of the greats such as George Balanchine, Martha Graham, Carola Trier, and others.  The method became known more as an exercise for ladies because of the success he had with the dancers and the fact that so many of them were women.

Moving forward to today, the stigma that Pilates is for women is slowly being eliminated as folks from all backgrounds and professions have started utilizing the routine to help with their performance and daily living.  Many testimonials speak to the benefits of moving in a controlled method,  flowing from one movement to another, concentrating and breathing through each exercise.

When you watch a skilled Pilates practitioner, you see the beauty of the moves the body is performing almost as if watching live art in motion.  As such, you can see that Pilates is art.  We found a resource online that provide information that will help you with finding everything you wanted to know about Pilates including DVDs, clothing and apparel, music, books and more.  Begin your journey in the method with some classes in Contrology.  Click here to find a Pilates class near you so that you can participate in the art of Pilates.

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